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What is a Business?

We throw around the word “Business” an awful lot. We talk about “Online” business, “Virtual” business, “Brick and Mortar” business, “Service” business. We ask people what business they are in. We tell people what business we are in. We ask people to buy from our business.

The actual definition seems easy enough:

a : a usually commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood

b : a commercial or sometimes an industrial enterprise

On a day like today it means something much more. For the last 17 ½ years I have been engaged in the business of shredding. Secure Document Destruction to use the lingo.

As I face the last day of operations at SureShred and look at the equipment, the building, the shred trucks, and a warehouse full of the tools needed to run an operation like ours the reality of what a business is came hard and fast.

A “Business”, is an IDEA that is implemented by PEOPLE.

In that way SureShred has been a wonderful business indeed. I have been very blessed to work with honorable, dedicated and kind people. People with the grit and tenacity to take care of each other, and our clients. Men and women who get things done regardless of the issue or difficulty. People who show up, on time, dressed to play and get the job done with a happy heart.

Finding, building and leading that team of people has been one of the most difficult and rewarding things I’ve ever done. As I move on to new opportunities it will be in the absolute knowledge that there is no business without the people who make it so.

So, from this moment on, when someone asks me what I do, regardless of my occupation or industry...My answer is "I am in the People Business".

DM Rhoads

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