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Services & Pricing

Standard or Custom Pricing

Affordable Cost for Any size Organization

Individual Plan

For the Owner, CEO, Professional or Individual leader.  Focused onboarding includes Big Five and other assessments. Ongoing coaching and review of objectives. Life design, business/career reviews.  Weekly coaching both in-person and Virtual

Team Plan

Working with the Owner, and an Executive/Management Team of up to 4 contributors.  Full onboarding, job benchmarking, individual goals that are interrelated for team success. Weekly consultations both in-person and virtual

Ongoing Coaching is billed monthly on a 6 month cycle

Business Plan

Customized for Your Needs

Do you have a larger group? Let's dig in.  Create an annual plan for your business, your teams, your key players. Set up annual, by-annual and quarterly goals. Manage the metrics and achieve the RESULT

The Strategist Pro

Other Help

By the Hour or By the Job

Often our clients need specific help designing or even implementing a system in their business. Are you facing a crisis due to a lost employee? Are you needing a short-term support person to get through a specific need? Do you have something that has been on your to-do list for a LONG time


  Something that is becoming a "Gorilla" in the room? 


Contact us and describe it

We will either help you get it done or just do it for you.

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