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Use your talent to help yourself too.

Water is wet. Ice is cold. The sun comes up in the morning. There are things that are so obvious that they barely merit talking about or acknowledging. These are Truths or patterns that repeat so often that they become accepted as Truth.


90-95% of the things we think and do every day are programs that we learned in the past to survive. We run those programs subconsciously and they create the same results over and over....And Over.

They keep us “safe”. They create Our Truth, Our Reality.

If you are happy with your reality and everything is amazing then there is no problem. Enjoy Your Life!

But if there is something more that you want, something nagging at you in the back of your mind...something EATING at you. Different Story.

Coaching Problem Ahead:

Seeing faulty patterns in the behavior or reactions of others seems simple because you are not stuck in their mindset or viewpoint. You are literally seeing what they can't see because you are detached and seeing the behavior or response from a different angle. Don't be too smug about it, they see the same things about you.

A few thoughts have been banging around in my head for the last couple of months as I watch familiar patterns erupt inside me and around me.

  1. I know that I spent way too much energy and time in the past blaming or complaining about other people and their “Obvious” patterns that create problems. (Or listening to others who were complaining) That is time I will never get back and it didn't do any good for anyone.

  2. I spent way too little energy figuring out my own patterns that are creating my problems and using the tools I know to change them.

  3. If you can't help yourself how can you help others? (Warning, Impostor Syndrome).

There is a phrase “The Cobbler's Children go without Shoes”. A parable about how a businessman can became so involved in making things for others that he completely ignores what is happening in his own home. He makes shoes for others and his kids have none. I bet his were in pretty poor shape too.

It's good to use your talents and abilities to help others but it is critical to use them to help yourself and the ones you love.

I'm grateful for the life that I have and the people in it. Thanks for listening.

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