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NOT about Business

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

This post is more about my state of mind and thoughts about our political and societal situation. Hoping beyond hope for a peaceful and fair election.

To do violence to someone, or wish violence on a group of people, first requires you to objectify them. That person, with a life, a family, struggles, joys, fears, a job to do, responsibilities....That PERSON is just like you.

Violence is fomented by feelings of separation and disconnection from others. A feeling that "They" are the problem, that "They" are the reason for your struggles, for your pain, for your problems. Our body politic, news cycle and society in general has been moving towards more separation, creating fear and a sense of us against them. Whoever US is whoever THEY are. Regardless of where you might think this is coming from, blame it on the Republicans, Blame it on the Democrats, blame it on the Cops, blame it on the Blacks, Blame it on the Whites, blame it on the Gays or the Christians or the Muslims, blame it on anyone but ourselves and we become part of the problem.

The next time you hear a politician or newscaster or protester or community leader use words that blame a group of people for a particular problem or societies problems, remember that person has an agenda all their own, they are separating you from 'them' and you can choose to be influenced by it....or not.

I challenge you and I.

Today, choose to LOOK at people you see in your life that you don't know. That person sitting in traffic, that person standing in line with you, that person bagging your groceries or serving your food or sweeping the floor. Look at the line of cars that stretches for miles ahead, remember that there is a person in each of those cars, like I did this morning. Look at them and think...."Just like Me". That PERSON is just like me. Full of hopes, fears, joys and sorrows, aspirations and doubts. They have lost loved ones, they want happiness. ..Just like Me.

May we all find a sense of connection and peace with others and ourselves as we try to unravel this mess that WE have created in our country.

May all sentient beings be free of suffering and the root of suffering.


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