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Understand Strategize Execute

Help when You need it from Experienced Professionals


I'm David, your Coach and Problem Solver

Bringing 36 years of Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurial experience to help you move through any problem.  I help you step by step with each situation in your business, making sure your actions serve your life.


I bring a very diverse background and unusual experience to you and your team.  Military  and Law Enforcement, to Sales, Hospitality Management and Business Operations.

Successful Owner/Operator of a B2B security company and a leader in Business Associations, Community and service organizations.

Thousands of hours of education and certifications in Applied Psychology, NLP and People development to put to work for you.

I help you understand yourself, your team and your business in new ways, implement strategies for change, and focus daily on that strategy.  Understanding. Focused. Disciplined.


I'm Robert, your Strategist and Business Systems Expert

Bringing a unique perspective to your growth.  Leader of corporate expansion for US companies into the European market, successful Owner of 3 businesses including a restaurant group in Switzerland an International Food Distribution company and 30 years of Consulting experience with some of the most dynamic companies in Silicon Valley.

Bob uses his knowledge of business and people of all cultures to help our clients focus on the Key Metrics that drive them to the next level of success.

Personal Coaching

Regular weekly or even daily interaction designed to move your life and business forward incrementally and sustainably. Relentless focus on your leading and lagging metrics. Personally and professionally. Zero distraction.

Team Develpment

Initial and ongoing review of every position and team in your company. Coaching for your team members to become more integrated and complementary to the goals of your company and them.

Strategy Design

Create an actual plan that works, that predicts growth and protects against threat.  Deep dive into where you are, where you want to be, need to be.  Analyze your weaknesses and strengths then move forward with no regrets. Keep or Sell, the plan is there.

Operations Support

The right people in the right place at the right time with the right tools to get the job done.  Set up your operations in coherent systems that your entire organization can execute on.

Cash Flow Management

Create processes that insure you are getting paid.  Know how much and when so you can make long term decisions for your future and your companies future.

Hiring and Training

Benchmark every job on your team, then make sure that you have the people with the right stuff to not only succeed but thrive in the position. Big five analysis for key positions and people with a focus on eliminating the distraction of adapting.

Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs
in the US, Mexico and Canada


Put his money where his mouth was.

David bet me dollar for dollar that his strategy would work if I funded it... it did.  Wow!


Solved my Workers Comp Nightmare

We dropped our workers comp rate from 240% of standard rate to 0.72% of standard in under 5 years.  My employees were happier and we cut costs by over $60 k per year


A Real Plan for Growth

We DOUBLED our revenue in two years, from $5m to $10m and I am working fewer hours in my business than I ever have


It wasn't easy...

We set up a process for screening and hiring new employees. Turnover of employees is down by a huge margin.


Solid and Incisive Advice

"Ten minutes into our conversation about revenue growth he found the key lever to move through something that had been dragging our company down for two years"


Money in my Pocket

"Reduced our collections time from 142 days to 37 days in less than four months following the plan we set."

David P

Let's Get to Work

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